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Meet the Team



Malgosia often attended retreats as a way to balance her demanding career as an executive to a large software company with her personal wellness.

After meeting Marina 4 years ago, at a retreat in Italy, she realized that the exploration of local culture combined with the creation of lasting connections with others enriched her own personal mindset. 

Her passion is to lead an active, adventurous and healthy life while sharing those experiences with her friends and family.



Co-founder & Life long Yogi

After having spent over 25 years in corporate finance, Marina often turned to yoga to help her tap into her inner strength and wisdom creating balance in her busy life-style.

She found that when she combined her practice with travel, allowing for true connections to other she would meet along the way, her personal growth was profound. 


After meeting Malgosia, the two were inspired by their shared experiences to bring the joys of yoga, meditation, and exploration to others  

Marina endeavors to ignite the passion of yoga and travel in all those with open hearts and minds. 



Yoga Teacher 

Jessica is born in the Netherlands, has Spanish roots, and lives with her son on the countryside in the beautiful Algarve.


Since 2016 she has been teaching Yoga to people with different experience levels, abilities, and nationalities.

Her students describe her as ´an excellent instructor with great enthusiasm and motivation, she inspires and encourages and helps you truly to be present in the moment and your body, instead of your mind. 

Expect a mixture of Gentle and Uplifting, combining static and dynamic movements, of connecting breath and movement, alternating between stretching and strengthening and between laughter and concentration. Always finishing with conscious relaxation and meditation. 

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