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The Lightness of Being


OCTOBER 8-11, 2021

 “ All the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow"                                                                   -   Leo Tolstoy

               Lightness of being’ allows us to experience life fully with joy, love and openness. It enables us to awaken our spirit, heal our body and fill our heart with gratitude. Lightness of our being is a choice we make every day and in this retreat we will look at some methods with which we can achieve it in our lives.


Magnificent accommodations, daily yoga, hiking, horseback riding, wellness and spiritual workshops. Healthy meals prepared by private chef. Fun, creative activities with the group of like minded friends.


Enjoy the stunning colors in the mountains, focus on healing, connections, awakening our spirit and filling our heart with gratitude.

Happy Hiking

Connect with nature surrounded by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains

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