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Be the author of your own life

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson

You can decide who you want to be in the future - you are the Creator of your own life and your own story. If you can get a clear picture of who you want to be and what experiences you want to create, it will help you focus and prioritize your time, energy, and attention.

Use this three steps to create a story of your life:

Identify a clear picture of the “future you”

  • If you have a vision for the “future you” and your heart is really in it, you will find yourself making choices to support that vision.

  • Clarity creates courage, and when you find your courage, you will find conviction.

  • Imagine who you are, where you are, with whom you are with, what you stand for and what you have accomplished.

To write your story, simply describe the kind of person you want to be and what life is like. Here are some guidelines:

  • Write your story using very simple “I am” and “I feel” statements. For example, “I feel calm, cool, and collected even under my otherwise stressful situations.” Step into the future, see it, feel it.

  • Don’t let fears and limiting beliefs hold you back. Let yourself imagine the best possible version of you.

  • Decide what matters to you most? Why does it matter?

  • What do you value the most in other people & why? Which of those would you like to embody?

  • What would you like your eulogy to be?

Here are some areas to consider when writing your story for the future:

  1. Passion/Purpose - What is your mission? What positive change do you want to see in the world? What impact do you want to make in the world? What would you like to accomplish in your life?

  2. Strengths - What are your strengths? What skills do you want to master? What do you want to learn?

  3. Physical wellness – What do you want for your health or wellness? How fit do you want to feel, or how strong do you want to be?

  4. Emotional wellness – How do you want to feel each day? Do you want to feel more zest for life? Do you want to feel a deep sense of exhilaration or a deep sense of inner peace? Do you want to better manage your emotions? How well are you able to handle life’s obstacles and challenges?

  5. Relationships – What kind of people do you want in your life? What kind of a friend, parent, sister, brother, father, or mother, do you want to be? How do you want to make the people feel around you?

  6. Finance – What role do you want money to play in your life? Do you want to be debt free? Do you want to be a smarter spender, or a smarter investor? Do you want to give more to charities? Do you want to achieve financial freedom? Do you want to learn new skills to help you deal with any of your financial challenges?

  7. Fun – What are some things you used to enjoy that you haven’t done in a very long time? What kinds of things could you do that would really bring a genuine smile to your face, or help your heart feel a little lighter each day?

Finally tell someone about who you are in the future. That will solidify your ideas and make you commit to becoming who you want to be.

Take ownership of your future. Be the author of your life … write your story forward.

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