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Good vibes only

Exceptional combination of yoga, fun and connections. Michelle's teachings included all elements of yoga and  we enjoyed practicing outside.

                                  - Irene N.

Reflexology workshop, wine tasting, hot tub under the stars were a lots of fun and greatly complimented yoga and mindfulness activities. 

                                  - Maria D.

Art D'Vivre

Hands down, the best retreat I’ve ever been to. Perfect combination of leisure, relaxation, cultural immersion, and exceptional food!  

Davida's  yoga was amazing. The best is her acceptance of all levels of practice, respecting each individual’s body and level of practice. 

                                  - Alex F.

The amazing people with great positive attitude and very supportive!
Great accommodations, friendliness, overall atmosphere. Excellent food prepared by local chef.  Delicious and plentiful!

                                  - Bob F.

Breathtaking views, beautiful, loverly decorated villa in the middle of the vineyard. Excellent excursions, well organized and a lot of fun. Workshops were fun and inspiring.

                                 - Tanya C.


The Lightness of Being 

It was so well organized and structured yet if I wanted to do what I wanted, I could. The people on the retreat were amazing and I learned something from everyone!

The accommodations were fantastic. My bed was cozy, I had plenty of room. The floors were warm so I was never cold. I was worried about being cold! 


Food was amazing and I liked having snacks available as well as the gourmet meals prepared.

I enjoyed the content and in person format. Would not change anything!

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